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U.S. company UBTS INTERNATIONAL Corp. arrives in Cameroon with the ambition to offer Internet services in cities and rural areas

[Digital Business Africa] – The information is made public on the LinkedIn page of the American company UBTS INTERNATIONAL Corp. “The company UBTS CAMEROON PLC affiliated to UBTS INTERNATIONAL Corp. has just acquired from the Republic of Cameroon the telecommunications license for the establishment and operation of terrestrial radio networks for the provision of a city-wide Internet of Thing backbone, Open Roaming, smart city stack, digital platform services to the public and electronic communications. This license also allows the company to exploit all the business model possibilities offered by the attached value-added services to its telecommunications infrastructure”, the U.S. company writes.

According to information from Digital Business Africa, UBTS CAMEROON PLC, whose CEO is Armand Gaétan Ngueti, holds a first category license issued by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications and notified him by the Regulatory Agency telecommunications through its regional delegation of the Littoral.

In Cameroon, the telecoms license is issued to any natural or legal person to establish and operate a network or provide electronic communications services. There are two categories of license: the first category license and the second category license.

Article 40 of the implementing decree No. 2017/2580/PM of April 06, 2017, laying down the modalities for the establishment or operation of networks and the provision of electronic communications services in Cameroon indicates that the first category license covers: any support service, radio networks open to the public in one or more localities; collection and distribution networks, with a view to providing electronic communications services to the public; electronic communications networks open to the public in rural areas; virtual networks open to the public and passive infrastructure in support of electronic communications networks. All services that UBTS CAMEROON PLC can offer in the localities authorized in its specifications.

Article 10 of Law No. 2010/013 of December 21, 2010, governing electronic communications in Cameroon also stipulates that the license is issued to any natural or legal person to establish and operate, in particular: any support service; certain radio networks in one or more localities; independent private networks; temporary networks; experimental networks; collection and/or distribution networks, to provide electronic communications services to the public; electronic communications networks open to the public in rural areas; virtual networks open to the public and portability of telephone numbers.

UBTS CAMEROON PLC promises that it intends to build on the confidence of the Cameroonian government in its vision of digital transformation to plan, develop and implement a futuristic and robust telecommunications infrastructure in order to provide access to the connectivity and universal digital services for all individuals and organizations starting in metropolitan areas first and in rural areas thereafter.

About UBTS

Based in the United States, Universal Broadband & Technology Services (UBTS) International presents itself as a think tank on telecommunications infrastructures and digital platforms. “We were formed with the sole purpose of collaborating with the “locals” to promote and provide economic development programs consisting of digital transformation projects to enable cost-effective and affordable broadband internet with next-generation digital and Wi-Fi solutions in unserved and under-served communities, which until recently, being reliant on submarine Fiber backbone and expensive VSAT back-haul as the only trucking solution, has suffered from lack of proper broadband access solution which would allow for a scalable deployment of next-generation networks to serve the needs of local communities, ”says the company, which aims to connect populations in emerging markets to content and digital technologies experiences that matter to them.

By Digital Business Africa

Digital Business Africa
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