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Cameroon: The Francis Ngannou and MTN Foundations assist the underprivileged in Batié

[Digital Business Africa] – Douala, 1 May 2021. MTN Foundation, first corporate foundation in Cameroon, announces the handing of a significant donation to several associations in the district of Batié on 1 May 2021. This was during a ceremony at the head office of the Francis Ngannou Foundation, presided over by the Senior Divisional Officer  of the Upper -Plateaux Division, in the  presence of the Divisional Officer,  Mayor,  Paramount Chief of Batié, several parliamentarians and consuls as well as the population of Batié who massively turned out to welcome the new UFC Heavyweight World Champion in Mixed Martial Arts.

The donation, comprised of basic foodstuffs was symbolically handed over to Francis Ngannou, whose foundation will be responsible for distribution to the humanitarian associations that support the underprivileged in Batié.

In addition to the material donation, “we want to offer you something else. Smile and above all hope. Hope that tomorrow will be better than today. Hope that your dreams can come true. Because we are convinced that it is possible. Look at Francis. The child from Batié today on the roof of the world. He started from here, worked tirelessly and is writing a beautiful story that has only just begun. MTN’s story is not so different…”, said Jean Pierre Ngoule, MTN Cameroon’s Regional Director for the West, speaking on behalf of the MTN Foundation.

Thereafter, the World Champion and unbeatable ambassador of MTN Cameroon thanked the leading operator for the gesture in favour of needy communities, and the support he has received since the beginning of his national tour in Cameroon. “The unbeatable is not the one who has never lost. The unbeatable is the one who has fallen several times and got up again,” emphasized Francis Ngannou.

A state of mind that embraces the values of MTN. “These values we share with Francis and which go beyond our respective daily activities. We do more because we have the heart,” concluded MTN Cameroon’s representative at the ceremony.


About The Francis Ngannou Foundation

The ultimate goal of the Francis Ngannou Foundation is to build, educate, train and develop through our gyms and trainings. With the popularity and scope of combat sports such as judo, boxing, karate, MMA and kickboxing, we envision that our trainees will expand their world view and get the opportunity to explore the world, harness their strengths and achieve their biggest dreams.

About MTN Foundation

MTN Foundation is the very first corporate foundation created in Cameroon. MTN Cameroon invests therein, each year, 1% of its turnover. The Foundation, since its official launch in 2006, works for the welfare of communities in Cameroon by investing in Education, Health, the Environment and Community Development. 

By MTN Cameroon


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Aujourd’hui, je pense à nos braves héros fauchés par cette tragédie et à la douleur de leurs familles et proches. Les mots manquent pour exprimer la peine, l’émotion.

Sincères condoléances aux familles, amis, collègues des victimes et mes vœux de rétablissement aux blessés.

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