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With Covid-19, “SGS QiiQ® “, SGS’s innovative remote digital inspection application records a 30% increase in use

[Digital Business Africa] – In an age of containment and social distancing imposed by the global health crisis caused by Coronavirus 2019, companies are innovating and offering new solutions to satisfy their customers and keep their businesses afloat. At SGS, and particularly at the Governments and Institutions division, world leader in inspection, testing, verification and certification, the group reminds that thanks to new technologies, inspections are carried out on your premises under the guidance of an SGS expert. And this, all over the world.

The Swiss group offers exporters and importers its innovative mobile remote digital inspection application called SGS QiiQ®. According to the group’s explanations, “as the world’s leading provider of inspection services, with our unrivalled experience in conducting inspections in all sectors, we offer our expertise remotely using the latest technologies”.

The group, which took the lead few years ago in the implementation of remote solutions, records more than 21,000 inspections per year with this application. With the current global coronavirus health crisis, the group is recording a 30% increase in the use of this application.

Concretely, says SGS, this application allows exporters and importers, wherever they are in the world, to continue their activities despite the Covid-19 crisis, to connect remotely and in real time to an SGS expert who will guide them through all stages of the inspection.

Under this innovative inspection system, SGS uses a combination of conventional and experience-proven inspection techniques and inspectors along with advanced technological tools in order to make better inspection reporting and inspection judgment. This new concept reduces inspection and turnaround time for certificate issuance.

According to the company’s explanations, remote inspection involves a pool of SGS product expert inspectors who are virtually and in real-time connected to the place of inspection. Thanks to SGS QiiQ®, the client‘s contact person will be connected live from the client‘s premises, to an SGS product expert who will guide him remotely through all the steps of the inspection. Once installed on any type of mobile device (tablet, mobile phone or even smart glasses working on android or IOS), SGS QiiQ® simply needs an internet connection (wifi, 3/4G) to connect the Client‘s contact person to the SGS product expert.

The app will record the video inspection stream and allow the SGS product expert to trigger pictures of the inspection process (packing & marking, packages, product, etc.) while directing the Client‘s contact person at each step, asking some probing questions and checking documents like labels, manuals, etc.

Once completed, the full recorded inspections will be available to the Principal, allowing him to assess and audit the remote inspection, by accessing to the video recording and pictures taken by the SGS product expert.

The group assures that SGS QiiQ® provides a highly interactive collaboration experience that is proven across large field deployments. The software can be installed on an unlimited number of smartphones, tablets, smart glasses, and computers.

SGS’s contribution to trade ensuring continuity of their inspection services in such efficient and fast way, during this critical covid19 period, has earned the company the recognition of their clients and Principals.

By Digital Business Africa

Beaugas Orain DJOYUM
Beaugas Orain DJOYUM
Beaugas Orain DJOYUM est un passionné des TIC, des Télécoms et du Numérique. Il est le Directeur de publication de Digital Business Africa, la plateforme web d'informations stratégiques sur les TIC, les Télécoms et le Numérique en Afrique. Journaliste diplômé de l'ESSTIC et consultant en e-Réputation, il dirige le cabinet ICT Media STRATEGIES. Un cabinet spécialisé en veille stratégique dans le secteur des TIC, des Télécoms et du Numérique, en e-Réputation, en communication digitale, en édition web & magazine et en production des contenus médiatiques spécialisés. Pour le contacter : [email protected]. Téléphone fixe : +237 243 25 64 36. Téléphone mobile : +237 674 61 01 68


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