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Smart Click Africa launches the CamerExcellence concept to celebrate Cameroonian talents who excel internationally

Smart Click Africa launches the CamerExcellence concept to celebrate Cameroonian talents who excel internationally

[Digital Business Africa] – On the occasion of AFCON 2021, the association Smart Click Africa, in collaboration with the firm ICT Media STRATEGIES, specialized in e-Reputation and Personal branding, launched this January 09, 2022, in Yaounde the web platform CamerExcellence ( to celebrate Cameroonian talents in all fields.

The association is taking advantage of the African Cup of Nation’s competition to offer on the website, as well as on its social networks Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Instagram (@CamerExcellence) portraits, visuals, and some videos of Cameroonian talents in sport, culture, economy, innovation, and many other areas where Cameroonians excel. The focus is on those who excel on the international stage.

CamerExcellence is an opportunity to inspire more young Cameroonians and those of the world, by telling and/or presenting on the web and social networks the story of Cameroonian figures and icons who, through their hardworking spirit, their abnegation, and their determination, have succeeded and are now the pride of Cameroon. During this AFCON 2021, we will, in addition to football, celebrate these talents who make Cameroonian excellence. We present to the world this other face of Cameroon: a breeding ground and a reservoir of diverse skills from which each State of the planet can draw to achieve exploits, succeed and achieve excellence”, explains Beaugas Orain DJOYUM, president of the association Smart Click Africa and CEO of ICT Media STRATEGIES.

He added that the deployment will be done more on the web and invites Cameroonians to produce more media content on Cameroonian icons and to share them on the web and social networks using the hashtag #CamerExcellence.

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Created in 2018, the Smart Click Africa Association aims at promoting a healthy and safe Internet. It is committed to promoting better use of the web, social networks, and digital solutions in Africa. The association has already launched several projects such as the 10 Million Smart Citizens program or even recently the Covid19.CM platform.

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Created in 2015 in Yaoundé, the ICT Media STRATEGIES firm specializes in business intelligence, e-Reputation, and personal branding. It supports states, businesses, and individuals in improving their online reputation through various actions.

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