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Cameroon: Makonjo Media and TekCitadel Partner to Launch Two Coding Bootcamps for University STEM Graduates

Coding bootcamps

Coding bootcamps

[Digital Business Africa] — Makonjo Media has today August 13, 2019 announced the launch of two coding bootcamps in Buea. Launched in partnership with US-based technology company TekCitadel LLC, the coding bootcamps are geared towards university STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) graduates and teach the PHP and Frontend skills necessary to become proficient in full-stack development.

The 24-week program begins on September 5, 2019, with one onsite class a week every Thursday (1 to 3 pm) at Makonjo Media, Buea.

“We are proud to partner with TekCitadel LLC of the US to provide Silicon Mountain’s workforce with more pathways into Cameroon’s growing tech sector,” said Otto Akama, Managing Director and Founder of Makonjo Media. “Registration for each of these bootcamps is FCFA 20,000. The tuition fees of FCFA 150,000 is fully sponsored by TekCitadel and students who quit the training before completion will be required to refund the full scholarship of FCFA 150,000.”

The objective of this program is to introduce university STEM graduates into a career in Web Engineering. After this program, participants can choose to continue with any of the tens of rewarding career paths in Software Engineering. This could be the start of your journey towards a rewarding career and financial freedom.

The competition for tech talent is becoming fiercer among employers in Buea and across the country. With the outflow of software engineering talent brought about by the growing insecurity in Cameroon, Software Engineer is one of the most in-demand jobs in the Silicon Mountain. In the next five years alone, this ecosystem will need more technology workers.

Makonjo Media is bringing this new model of education to the Silicon Mountain with the launch of two bootcamps: Makonjo PHP Web Development Bootcamp and Makonjo Frontend Web Development Bootcamp respectively for Computer Science, Maths, and Physics graduates.

“The fast pace of growth in the technology industry is driving us to engage in more programs that meet the needs of Africa’s working professionals,” said Kenneth Ngah, Founder of TekCitadel. “The coding bootcamp will help university STEM graduates here in Buea capitalize on the exploding demand for digital skills and bridge local hiring gaps. By partnering with Makonjo Media to deliver the full-stack web development bootcamp, we ensure that participants get access to a continuously updated curriculum and instructors who work in the tech industry themselves.”

Pairing TekCitadel’s tech community building strengths with Makonjo’s market-driven coding and career curriculum offers participants both the competence and confidence to succeed in the technology industry. The program’s curriculum covers intensive training in Web Technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), PHP, MySQL, PHP Laravel, Advanced JavaScript and CSS, and ReactJS for Frontend Development. While no previous training or experience is required, applicants should have a background in Computer Science, Maths, or Physics.

In addition to classroom instruction, course participants will complete lessons, exercises, and projects at home. They will also build a professional project portfolio to showcase their abilities and hone their competitive edge in the employment market.

Enrolment for these bootcamps is now open. Apply here:

Makonjo PHP Web Development Bootcamp and Makonjo Frontend Web Development Bootcamp respectively.

About Makonjo Media

Makonjo Media is a digital media and technology company with a mission to build tools and platforms that promote honest and progressive conversations. Founded by Otto Akama in 2017, Makonjo Media has grown to serve organizations across different sizes and sectors, assisting them in digital marketing, app development, and content creation. Since the company’s launch, Makonjo Media’s intensive, skills-based training programs have helped many working adults to successfully build the skills in software engineering companies sought after.

About TekCitadel LLC

TekCitadel LLC is a US-based technology company that links startups and companies in the US to the best talent and expertise from tech and design agencies in Africa. TekCitadel’s curation of tech agencies enables startups and companies in the US to maximize the burgeoning tech and design talent from Africa at very affordable rates yet, excellent deliverables.

TekCitadel also partners with co-working firms and Accelerators in building Micro-Tech Communities around Web Technologies, creating open learning for students and technology enthusiasts to have ongoing skill development.

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