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To Defeat Cybercriminals, SGS Launches Cybersecurity Services - Digital Business Africa
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To Defeat Cybercriminals, SGS Launches Cybersecurity Services

[Digital Business Africa] –  SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, has been marketing cybersecurity services for companies and organizations since March 9, 2021.

SGS helps clients seize digital opportunities while mitigating risks with its SGS Cybersecurity Services, an integrated cybersecurity solution.

Connected digital solutions offer an unprecedented level of convenience but create new opportunities for criminals.

Traditional business and the digital world are increasingly intertwined. From the automation of production plants to smart homes and autonomous vehicles, the Internet of Things (IoT), where computers, systems and all kinds of smart devices communicate wirelessly, is no longer science fiction – but science fact.

Today, the IoT brings convenience to everyone’s life – professional and personal. But at the same time, it opens new ways for criminals to cause significant financial damage, breach privacy or even harm lives.

Governments, stakeholders and regulators across all industries around the world are working on establishing new standards and regulations to tackle the cybersecurity challenge with a focus on the complete supply chain, life cycle of components, products, networks and systems.

It is therefore imperative for organizations to increase their cybersecurity maturity to sustain their market position. A cyber-secure culture needs to be embedded and processes and protocols should be developed to support it. This can take time, but criminals will not wait, and so prompt action is required.

A trusted partner

This is where SGS Cybersecurity Services come in. As a trusted partner, SGS uses in-depth knowledge and expertise in cybersecurity – from transistors to cloud solutions – to enable customers to raise their security maturity to the level required to meet challenges.

SGS Cybersecurity Services are built on three pillars with the opportunity to tailor deliverables based on specific industry needs, such as those for the consumer IoT, medical device, semiconductor, automotive and industrial sectors:

  1. Training on regulations, standards, state-of-the art attacks and associated countermeasures, including insights on best practices and detailed technical topics such as side-channel and fault analysis attacks
  2. Assessment of hardware, software, networks, crypto and secure management systems covering the entire technology stack of digitally interconnected solutions
  3. Certification, where focus is given on conformity assessments against existing and future standards and regulations

A 3-step approach is used to support clients in their aim to enhance their cybersecurity capabilities:

  • Step one: a comprehensive cybersecurity gap analysis of organizational structures and processes, skill sets, as well as digital products and services
  • Step two: based on the analysis from Step 1, an action plan and roadmap are developed and implemented together with the client, addressing and closing identified gaps, accompanied by training, audits, reviews and security assessments
  • Step three: having implemented all the defined tasks in Step 2, effectiveness will be demonstrated by conformity assessments performed internally or by independent third parties

SGS Cybersecurity Services help to increase security maturity through customization and its comprehensive approach. Clients can be assured, and reassure their customers, of their cybersecurity levels, enabling a better, safer and more interconnected world.

More about SGS Cybersecurity Services

For further information, visit www.sgs.com/cybersecurity-services.

By Digital Business Africa


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